This was our experience at the Makaranga on Sunday. Bloody freezing! We must be hardcore Parlotones fans! We waited 3 hours for them to arrive in the freezing cold rain! (Scroll across for evidence)We arrived just after 12 pm. Has it been that long that we have been to a concert? That we did not even know that did not mean that they would be playing at 12 pm🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️. I’m sure the opening acts were great but The first one we could hardly hear. And the second one was OK but not entirely what we paid R300 to come to listen to. Very clever of Makaranga @makarangagardenlodge to make everyone arrive at 12 and we cold and starving so we have to buy food and drinks. That was also a little unorganized, to say the least. The Parlotones arrived just after 3 pm. 😳 We stayed for a few of our favourite songs but then left at 4:30. I was just too cold to really enjoy it sadly.☹️ and Children to feed. Was good to see the guys live even if it was only for an hour. Love the Parlotones. They played a couple of songs from their new album China. Really cool! 🎶 But I never got my photo with drummer and bearded guy @neilmartinpauw ☹️ Goonga did make friends with other bearded guys in the crowd. Now life long friends no doubt

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Blue Zoo

Lovely food but service a bit slow. It was windy so we asked to be moved inside. They were very accommodating. There is a kids play area so great for families or if you have little kids. The food is affordable and not too overpriced. 

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Circus Circus Beach Cafe

 I have to say I enjoy going here, I have gone for a walk with a friend on the beachfront a few times and we stop in for the one egg act and a good morning coffee! Great atmosphere and the beach right in front of us. Lovely. On a whole the service is good as well. I have been there for a friends birthday as well and the staff were really great with a large table. Even on a rainy day it is enclosed and you can still appreciate the beach. 

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Antique Cafe

 I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this place, It is quaint and so unique with all its mismatched furniture and crockery. The food is super, I have had their avo toast with cream cheese, so good! I have been there for a few events and the staff are so efficient as well. I have taken my mom and friends there on occasion, its just such a cute place. I cannot wait to return for our annual KZN blogger meet up soon! 

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