Spectacular Whisky Journey Event 2019

whisky journey

I was invited to a private whisky journey, a whisky tasting event at the Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel. What an exceptional and well-organized event. Great to see familiar faces, meet new people, eat decadent food and dance to jazz music by Beat Route Jazz Band with my bearded hottie husband!

whicky journey

Whisky Journey Cocktails

Firstly, I know nothing about Whisky. I am not a Whisky drinker, those who know me, know I prefer wine and cocktails but as we arrived there was an inviting table of 3 different Whisky cocktails to choose from. I chose the Three Ships Royal Buxton. What a delicious, sweet and refreshing surprise. It is 25 mls Whisky, 200 mls ginger ale. 3 drops bitter and 2 maraschino cherries.

Whisky cocktails have now become a favourite of mine, but warning, they are not as light as they taste and I may have had 3 during the course of the night not realising its effect until later.  Bains Whisky and Scottish Leader Whisky also made cocktails which my husband tried as they seemed like less sweet options. 


Whisky Pairing

I brought my husband as my plus 1 and I am so glad I did because He loves Whisky and is such a foodie! We were taken room by room on a whisky Journey, pairing each whisky with tantalising finger foods. I tried haggis for the first time. It was done in a crumbed croquette of sorts which made it quite palatable. We also had salmon with one of the whiskies which went so well together.

I now forget which one as you must understand this was the last room we visited for the night and the whisky journey may have led me to forget to take down notes. I was hoping my husband would be my real-life notebook but He was just enjoying the moment.

Finally, the venue itself is gorgeous. The whole experience was entertaining and informative. Sipping cocktails by the pool deck overlooking the city with the moon reflecting over us was a romantic experience you cannot quite capture on film. Some things have to be felt, not seen in a photograph.

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