Beautiful singer Clarissa Pienaar 2020

Clarissa Pienaar

Clarissa Pienaar is a local country singer and songwriter from Margate. She just visited us in Durban and joined Martin Nel on his Rewind show on  Coastal Radio SA in Umhlanga for an interview.  I was able to get in touch with her and ask her a few questions about her music career.

What are your earliest musical influences?

I had quite a few musical influences at a very early age I listened to various artists including The Eagles, Def Leppard, Elton John, REO Speedwagon, The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, Gerry And The Peacemakers, The Bee Gees, Elaine Paige’s album “Stages” was one of my favourites! I listened to it until the CD stopped playing 😂 and many other artists from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would that be and why?

I would very much like to collaborate with Sara Bareilles. Her music has had such a huge impact on me in the past few years. She is an amazing songwriter and she really tells amazing stories through her music. I really love her song “Between The Lines” it’s truly amazing. We also share a love for Joni Mitchell’s music 😊

Tell us 3 things about Clarissa Pienaar that people may not know.

Well, I love animals, I spent 4 years on a farm in Limpopo from the age of 9 and I loved looking after our chickens. I am now 23 years of age. We have two doggies, a Pug and a Pekingese. I am a real family person! love my family, my mom and my brother are my everything.

What is the best advice you have been given?

The best advice I’ve ever been given was by my father. He told me “don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Go out there and do your thing, be yourself.” And since I took his advice, I’m happier than ever.
Clarissa Pienaar

Clarissa Pienaar Upcoming events

 Thursday, 27th of Feb, I am doing a tribute to Abba and Friends in the Lounge at Cabana Beach Resort from 7:30 p.m.
 Friday the 28th I’m doing the tribute to Abba and Friends at Drakensberg Sun Resort in the Grotto Lounge from 8 p.m.
And on Saturday the 29th my band Braxton Hix alongside Chewing The Hornet and Hate Speech and other artists, are doing a special charity musical day at Rocky Ridge in Ramsgate on the South Coast, for the SPCA(: the music starts from 14h00.

Where can we find Clarissa Pienaar online?

Follow Clarissa Pienaar on Facebook, Instagram,
Or listen to her songs on Reverbnation or Soundcloud.
Clarissa Pienaar has a great musical career ahead of her! She is talented and her music has a wide range! Give her a follow on social media and download her music! Thank you Clarissa for taking the time to chat with us and let us get to know you a little better!

3 thoughts on “Beautiful singer Clarissa Pienaar 2020

  1. This girl is just plain amazing, such a great vocal range, she has grown so much in her musical career. I heard her on ‘Coastal Radio SA’ purely awesome young lady. I’ve been to quite a few of her gigs, and have only ever enjoyed them. I look forward to seeing her live at Rocky Ridge on Saturday Rocking for the SPCA against cruelty to animals. Keep on Rocking Clarissa

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