I have just recently collaborated with Kate from The Office 97. Which is a Co-Working space in Durban? It’s a great venue to hire hot desks, if you don’t have an office and need somewhere to work.

I work from home and I honestly tend to work in my pj’s. Its comfy and I hate my bra most days! I started calling my pyjamas, my activewear! I also would always joke that if you get dressed and you are home alone, are you really dressed?

But lately, I have been required to step out from behind my computer and go to meetings. Sometimes, home can be crazy distracting. I find it easier to procrastinate when I am home. There is always something that needs doing.


I get up from my computer to make a quick cup of tea and then I see the sink of dishes. I walk around the house now to find any stray dishes the boys may have left lying around hopefully not grow mould. I think of mould and go clean the bathrooms. Then I am hot and need to dip in the pool. There are dogs that are barking for no reason whatsoever, kids fighting, a dire need to listen to my 80’s playlist on youtube followed by dancing! Next thing I know 4 hours have gone and I have done no work

Co-Working space

I am realising more and more the need for me to use The Office. To get out of my rut and get some work done. Especially since I am getting more and more work in. I have to optimise my time and fit in as many billable hours as I can. It’s also a break from your old routine and an opportunity to work alongside others.

So for me its time to ditch my pj’s, activewear, whatever you want to call them and book some Office space. I can only do one day a week for now as I have so many other responsibilities but I think one day will be more productive than a week at home.