Featured Blogs from Jody Fabre Financial Guru,

I am so excited to announce that we will be getting some Financial insight from a dear friend of mine, who has helped me in so many ways and especially in the area of finance. I used to be scared of money matters until I started working with Jody. Now he will be sharing his wisdom and insight with all of you as well. Jody Is a Financial Adviser for Quattro Finance but more than that he has a unique gift to see exactly what you and your company needs.

A message from Jody…

As a financial advisor, I utilise my expertise & insight to guide individual clients & businesses to achieve their financial goals. I develop, strategise & implement tailored financial, wealth management & insurance services, to achieve optimal financial protection & growth for my clients.
By customising my approach to the needs of each client & prioritising financial wellness, I am able to deliver optimal results to businesses as well as retirees, sole proprietors & high net-worth individuals.
My focus is on providing expert financial planning & advice support services to both individuals & businesses.

Services for individuals :

• Financial planning services for savings & investments, estate planning, Insurance & healthcare
• Tax consulting, debt management & budgeting
• Estate planning & Trust services
• Estate administration, drafting/reviewing legal documents

Services for businesses:

• Financial planning for businesses, including insurance for individuals, contingent liability insurance, buy & sell agreements
• Estate planning & trust services, including asset protection, assistance with company structures
• Business succession planning
• Tax advisory/efficiency services
Our company is driven by top talent & experience, as well as a passion for exceptional client service. At every level of our organisation, we are dedicated to delivering services that assist you in your business in achieving your specific financial & investment goals. By partnering with a registered financial planner, you’ll ensure long-term commitment to your financial objectives as well as continuity to safeguard your financial plan.
I know that your time is money, so the process is simple and streamlined. For any advice or insight into how I can assist you or your business in managing your financial assets effectively, contact me today & we’ll start your journey to financial wellness.
Reach out to me directly here on Facebook, or email me at jfabre@qfg.co.za.