I have just read 13 Rules for being an Entrepreneur by Alan Knott Craig. It is a great book for any stage of your journey. Reading it, I can see why I am only starting a business at 41. I had a lot to learn. All the advice given in the book, I learned the hard way. Read it for yourself, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What I took away from the book;

It’s OK to stay away from energy vampires.

Lately, I have had to say no to certain people. Or just ghost or block people who suck and drain the life out of you. You do you! They are accountable for their own actions and how they think or respond.

Don’t let people upset you.

I am still learning this, As I always want to believe the best in people but some people are just out to use you for their own good and not know your true worth or benefit you in any way. A dear friend advised me to always know my worth and people will pay your asking price if they see your value. They won’t pay if they don’t see the value you bring so then cut them loose. Alan says it is OK to sometimes ‘play dead’. Don’t take calls, don’t reply to emails and don’t respond to insults.

Failure is OK

Have the courage to quit or end a contract that is not working out for you. Especially if the other party are not delivering. It is OK to fail as failure is a stepping stone to success. Alan says failure helps you to focus on your priorities and enables you to reflect on lessons you have learned that you can grow from as a person.

Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a food of yourself” Charlie Chaplin:

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