Lockdown at Lily of the Valley Children’s Home

Since 1993, Lily of the Valley has been a haven for orphaned children. It is situated between the village of Mophela and the farming community of Eston. It offers children a homely environment with full-time care. Many of the 120 children who live on the property are infected or affected by HIV. The children have been able to receive, proper nutrition, good education and quality medical care as well as love, acceptance, opportunities and security.

They were in semi-lockdown as soon as they heard about COVID–19 because the children are at risk and have major health issues. Stocking up on hand sanitizer, extra facecloths etc. for strict hygiene regimes ahead. They had to find a place to quarantine any sick children if they got COVID -19 which thankfully has not happened. They have 4 children in a house with one house mother. The staff are usually 4 days on and 4 days off but due to lockdown, they are now full time.

The Staff

The incredible staff have been in quarantine with the children and have therefore had little time off.  They have minimal contact with their own families due to not having much airtime and data. This has made them a bit anxious about their family’s safety. The staff have not only had to be away from their own families but now are taking on the role of homeschooling the children whereas before they were all in school. They have had to be creative in finding ways of keeping the children entertained all day. The staff are exhausted but just keep doing an amazing job! These are the true heroes! Imago Africa has generously offered some counselling to the staff. 

How can you give?

The easiest is to give in the form of money so that they can distribute funds accordingly. They do have other needs as well… You can sponsor a child and volunteer under normal circumstances. The best is to Contact Susan Knighton Fitt directly to see what the specific needs are at 0822149310.

Donate via Zapper:

Bank details:


Account name: Lily of the Valley

Account number: 1311060812

Branch: Westville

Branch code: 138026

Swift no: NEDS ZAJJ

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