Please stop asking bloggers/writers and influencers to “ Just share a post” for you. Like other creatives such as musicians, we do not offer our craft for free. If we do, it is entirely of our choosing and usually people we have built strong networking relationships with. It is give and take not just take. I cannot tell you how many requests I get in my inbox asking me for favours. I know I speak for all of us when I say we do try our best to support local businesses where we can. It is just plain rude to expect it to be done at no cost. You obviously saw our platform is good and that is why you sought to contact us. These websites and platforms have taken a lot of behind the scenes work, a lot of blood sweat and tears, a shitload of networking, and not to mention years of skill and knowledge of marketing and social media.

True collaborations are give and take

Not everybody understands influencer marketing! They think they are the only one sending us a message but honey, we get loads of requests we have to turn down. I thought this was common sense but I realised it is not. People do not understand and get offended if we do. not post for them as if they are owed something. Collaborations are born out of relationship and trust.

I recently posted for a chilli brand I do support. Only for someone to hijack my post and post their friends chilli business. I had to delete it because it is a conflict for me. This brand then proceeded to message me, telling me that a friend said that I would post their content for them. I was shocked at the sheer audacity had to once again explain that I can post at a cost but this particular product was in conflict with one I was already promoting.

This can go the other way where influencers take advantage of brands too. Please just stop taking advantage of other people full stop. Always look how to mutually benefit or collaborate and work together in some way.