Over the years I have put thoughts to paper which have become poems. I haven’t always felt comfortable sharing them. It’s very raw, real and vulnerable to share poetry and emotions. Each one has a story. The first poem was a result of a breakdown I had a few years ago. I’m all about love and being real so I finally feel OK with publishing my anthology of poems.


Discombobulation and a wiry entanglement is the mushiness in my brain.

Navigating through thoughts and imagination but thought to be insane.

High intelligence and a creative mind keep me in the clouds.

Normality is distant and yet it always surrounds.

Insecurely arrogant as thoughts and opinions are shared

Fearing the consequence of my soul that I bare.

Suppressing emotion is not something of I am able

It squeezes at my heart until unleashed, only then do I feel stable.

Society is not equipped for the wildness that is within

Wayward thoughts that gnaw at me and causes me to sin.

Thoughts and emotions not able to be expressed

This is all in all what makes me a beautiful mess!

A Mess





Medication is the answer to the world side effects omitted

Prayer is the answer to the church, where lies are littered

Is it broken synapses and chemicals in the brain?

or is it sin, deception and lies of Satan’s gain?

Peace not delusion

Love not seclusion

Is what I seek



Unbelievable and Unending

This Love

Raw and Real

This Love

Lavish and Longed for

This Love

Meek and Majestic

This Love

Explosive and Energising

This Love

Scary and Sweet

This love

This Love



We have a massive heart

A heart of flesh

Pumping love

It loves beyond measure


Feeling every emotion it is surrounded by

It feels your LOVE but also your








Flesh cannot become stone

but we try to harden our hearts

It’s futile and stupid

but we try!


Because all this emotion is too much to bear!

We take it all in without thought

A room full of people is like a war zone for us

At war with ourselves

Trying to numb the senses and yet we want to feel it all too

raw emotion is power

and power is dangerous


Stars in Square Holes

Unique and swimming upstream

I’m not afraid to be me

A peculiar people

Yes we can all relate

Sometimes I try to hide in the dark

Then I realise I am not made that way

I was born to stand out

To shine and be free!

I am meant to be a light

to all who are in need.

Or are we all just stars

trying to fit into square holes?


Our South Africa

Black is the colour of power

Of the coal mined from our land

Of the people who form our nation

Of night, of rest, of quiet, of time

Yellow is the colour of beauty

Of the fynbos flowers grown wild

Of the people who form our nation

Of work, of loyalty, of friendship and unity

Green is the colour of joy

Of the grass overgrown, abundant under our bare feet

Of the people who form our nation

Of growth, of plenty, of fun and happiness

Red is the colour of love

Of sunsets, of fire and warmth

Of the people who form our nation

Of blood, of awareness, of care, of healing

Blue is the colour of Peace

Of the oceans that surround us

Of the people who form our nation

Of tears, of sadness, of sympathy of mourning

White is the colour of wisdom

Of the diamonds mined from our land

Of the people who form our nation

Of day of clarity of purity and light


Unrelenting heart

Trying my best to forget
Trying to not hold on
Letting go
Of pain and hurt
Of dreams not happened
And memories of yesterday
Hand in hand
We walk as friends
Smiling and laughing.
Forging new paths of peace.
Journeys of Forgiveness
and love is my anthem.

My soul is a flame

My soul is a flame
My heart aches for you
You consume in my thoughts
I need you.
I have tried to let go
But my heart remembers
I’m in love with you.
Deep, wide and hard hit.
It is agony
My heart is free
And soaring to places it should not be
But you broke open the cage
You let me live again

Now all I want is to be with you.
Always and forever


People just say words.
They speak but they don’t mean what they say.
They speak but they do not take action.
They speak emptiness
They speak lies.
They speak only to themselves
They speak thinking theirs is the loudest voice
They speak to corrupt
They speak to drown or the silence of
The unspoken words of the heart

Unapologetic Love

Hold the ones you love a little tighter
All we have are a series of moments
Strung together in this mystery called life.
Say all the words you must to reveal your heart.

Do not hide your beautiful light.

Be lavish with your unapologetic love.