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Sea 'n Sky

Sea ‘n Sky Resort

Sea ‘n Sky Resort in Uvongo looked like a perfect place to pick for a family holiday. I looked for a place near the beach with activities for kids and WIFI. These were 3 of my non-negotiables. The gallery on the website looked great and this place had all the things we required, or so I thought.

WIFI not included

Overall a pleasant stay but one thing I am unhappy about. When I chose somewhere to go on holiday, I chose a place that advertised WIFI as I also have to do a bit of work. On arrival when I asked about the WIFI password, they informed me it was only available at reception and in the games room.

This is highly inconvenient as the reception closes at 5 pm and I usually like to work in the evenings. There are no plug points to plug in my laptop in the games room to do any work there and the signal is very low. So one thing I learned is that before booking ask exactly what they mean when they so boldly advertise WIFI. You assume that you have access from your room but this is not always the case. Feeling a bit like a kid when you get given a gift with the batteries not included.

Highlights at Sea ‘n Sky

Despite this, I endeavoured to make the most of my holiday. The staff are friendly and very accomodating and tried to help me as best they could. They wanted to make it the best and most comfortable stay and went out of their way to make us happy.

Uvongo beach is beautiful, a day on the beach and all your worries are forgotten. There is something very therapeutic about the Sea and Sun! Although we didn’t have a sea view, the beach is in walking distance. It also has a tidal pool. There is a takeaway to get the kids ice creams. Speaking of kids, the resort is a perfect place for them, the games room has a pool table, Xbox and arcade games. Even teenage kids are entertained.

Sea 'n Sky


The pool area is lovely, with 2 water slides, loungers and umbrellas. We spent a lot of time lazing by the pool while the kids played and I was able to get a tan and read my book. The rooms are serviced and cleaned every day! This is a great bonus for any mom on holiday!


Local attractions

The Breakers restaurant is very close to the Resort, we decided to go there for lunch on of the days! What a great place! We had fish and chips, calamari and tried their ‘rooibokkie’ and ‘sowetan toilet’ shooters.


Shelly Beach Mall and South Coast Mall are nearby the Sea ‘n Sky Resort, to pop in if that is something you like when on holiday. They do have cinemas, and some restaurants etc.  A little something for everyone.

Lake Eland game reserve is in driving distance and beautiful place if you into hiking, they have a great suspension bridge and canopy tours. Their restaurant has an indoor and outdoor garden section.  They also have guided game drives available to book.

Honestly, I do hope they fix the WIFI situation but other than that, a great stay! The kids were happy. We were able to relax and enjoy the ocean. Overall it was a pleasant and enjoyable stay for everyone. I would definitely book a stay there again for the whole family.

Have you visited the Sea ‘n Sky Resort? What was your experience? Please post in the comments and let us know.

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