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MSC Musica

Last year, long long ago before COVID I went on a cruise with my Dad and 2 sisters. Starting off at the port waiting in the queue to get on the MSC Musica and some young 20 something young man decided he could just push in front of 3 sisters, well let me tell you! It did not go well with him! Thankful for the security! Don’t mess with mamma’s who are getting a little time away! Thankfully it could only get better from there…

Food on MSC Musica

So much food! Sushi, Burgers and chips, Curry! You name it! There is just always food available, even pizza at 2 am if you could still possibly be hungry after eating all day!  My one sister was not feeling well most of the cruise which sucked for her but was a bonus for me as I got to make use of her alcoholic beverage tickets she wasn’t going to be using! I found myself ordering a tequila sunrise for breakfast, well just because I could!


Unfortunately, we didn’t make the 2 scheduled stops to Pomene and the Portuguese islands due to bad weather conditions but let me tell you from sun up to way after sundown we took part of everything we could! We played Bingo and took part in the Battle of the Sexes quiz! We went to all the shows and lounges that had music. We joined in the sports activities. We went to the theatre to watch the epic productions!

There is even a casino if you into some gambling. ( I would personally rather spend my cash on drinks, much more rewarding!) We spent a couple of the days on deck by the pool laying in the sun sipping cocktails. Our last night was a White Party (again, glad I packed something white to wear) with lots of fun music and line dancing!


What you need to know before booking on the MSC Musica

  • Pre-order drink ticket when booking a cruise on MSC Musica. It works out cheaper and you don’t have to waste time buying them on the cruise. Annoyingly you do get harassed by staff who keep trying to sell you more and more beverage tickets.
  • You need a map to find everything as it can be like a maze. Especially finding your cabin. They do have maps, you just have to ask one of the cabin crew. I needed to remember where to go. It can be confusing for some as directionally challenged like myself
  • Make meeting spots and times to meet others in your travelling party. We lost my Dad on the first day, or maybe he planned it that way? But we didn’t have WIFI and couldn’t get hold of him till Dinner that night. We subsequently bought some Data.
  • You have to dress up for dinner if you are opting to go to one of the restaurants….yes read the fine print. Thankfully I had actually packed some formal clothes. They don’t allow shorts and slops etc. but you can wear whatever you want at the buffet.
  • At the Buffet, watch out for people who lack manners, they think the ship is going to run out of food or something and as you dishing up your roast potatoes, grabbing hands reach in from behind you and snatch them! I kid you not.

On my exploration of this large vessel, I even came across a library! A bibliophiles dream! I borrowed one book that I actually managed to read in the 5 days I was on the ship. I’m not a good sleeper! We made the most of every precious minute! Met some interesting people but most of all had the time of our lives!

2 thoughts on “Travel with MSC Musica

  1. I honestly believe cruises are like play pen’s for adults – it’s the one time in life that you are actually encouraged to move as little as possible, east as much as humanely possible and of course drink until the entire trip blurs into a swirl of debauchery. Good times.

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