Free Thrift Clothes Swap Event 2020

clothes swap

Clothes Swap Pop Up in Durban!!!!

Brand new Clothes Swap Pop-Up !!! Where you can Swap your unwanted treasures for a brand-new wardrobe and pay…...NOTHING! Too good to be true?

clothes swap
Organized by the KBCollective


1. Do a closet clear-out – a task that may seem daunting but it’s a great way to spring clean your home and your mind

2. Put to one side any good quality, undamaged items in any of the following categories

a. Work/business wear
b. Vintage
c. Dresses
d. Skirts
e. Pants
f. Denim
g. Teens and youth
h. Sportswear
i. Accessories /bags/shoes
j. Beachwear

3. You can drop of your stash at the Office 97 Innes Rd Morningside(get a free coffee on us) or have it collected from the designated address

4. Receive tokens for all items accepted by KB Collective ( we reserve the right to use our judgement call as to what will be displayed for swopping at the shop)

5. Use those tokens to “buy” items displayed during the 3-day pop up live event – yeah shop till you drop girlfriend.

(ALL leftover clothing after the event will be donated to local charities.)

ENTRY TICKETS Cost R50. You will receive 2 swap tokens, a glass of bubbly and snacks and of course oodles of FUN!

Click here to book your ticket!

5 Reasons to attend a Clothes Swap Event

  1. This is a way of benefiting the environment by recycling clothing instead of seeing them go to land fills.
  2. Saving money on buying clothing items
  3. Get an entire new Summer wardrobe for free
  4. Contribute to the community as all clothes left after the event are donated to various charities including The Robin Hood Foundation
  5. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Fashion Event
Kate and Bron

This is a great initiative, organized by KB Collective which is the combination of Kate Snell from The Office 97 and myself Bronwyn Marcus from Unfold Durban. In 2020 we have not had many events ,Its shopping and a party in one. Don’t worry, all COVID-19 precautions will be adhered to, temps taken and a register will be filled out on arrival and masks will of course be worn at all times. Please support this wonderful community experience!

We are still looking to borrow clothing rails for this 3-day event and we are in need of hangers. If you would like to donate prizes or get involved in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us!

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