Beautiful Nails by Cate


Just had my Christmas nails done by Nails By Cate. Cate has an adorable nail studio in Hatton Estate, Pinetown. It was lovely to meet Cate, who shares her mother’s passion for helping the community. I met Cate’s mom Michelle while doing a blog for Elgibbor kitchen which feed the homeless in Pinetown. Michelle volunteers on the neighbourhood watch and helps give medical attention to those in need. I just love the spirit they exude and I am honoured to be a part of sharing their journey with you!

Christmas Nails

I wanted some fun Christmas nails with a bit of glitter. I came to the right place as it seems that Cate loves bling and glitter as much as me. She said she would even eat glitter if she could. I opted for Antique Ruby, a gorgeous deep red colour. Add some nail art and gold glitter of course! Ready for Christmas!


What led Cate to become a nail technician?

It is hard to believe speaking to this mature, kind young lady that she was in fact bullied in school. Her mom took her out of that environment and she was homeschooled. Cate said that Homeschooling encouraged her to think for herself and be disciplined. She said she always loved studying and doing schoolwork.

Cate loves painting and her mom suggested that she try nail artistry. At first, Cate was reluctant as she was a nail-biter and didn’t think it was for she was never into beauty and makeup but she decided to pursue it nonetheless. Proving no matter what you have gone through if you work hard and have a good attitude you can overcome and be successful in life!

Tips for nail care from Cate

I have nails that split and break. Cate suggests that if you have this issue you always have a break in between doing gel treatments, even though they are less harsh than acrylic, they are still unnatural products on your nails. She also does offer nail treatments for weak nails turning them into strong beautiful nails.

Cate and her mom are always trying what they can to help the community. You can drop off donations with Cate for Baby Hope House and get 20%discount on your Mani or Pedi.

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