Woodpeckers School of Carpentry

Homeschooling has become more of a norm these days and my son of 14 was wanting to learn carpentry. I looked around and there is not much available. I was so happy to have found Annie and Max from Woodpeckers school of Carpentry in Hillcrest! I believe it is vital to teaching young kids skills they can use in life. I asked Max and Annie a couple of questions:

1. How did Woodpeckers start?

A neighbour Kevin asked us to teach his kids and we have a passion for helping skill young children, giving them some projects to work on and get them off devices.

2. What sorts of items do you create, what has been the craziest thing you have created?

Small wooden crafts and other functional items. Crowboxes, bookshelves, playground taxies. A wooden hat for a dress-up party.

3. Why would you recommend young boys and girls to join?

They make many fun items like Rifles, Jeeps & Trucks. Bunnies, Dolls Furniture and so much more. They have learned how to sand them, glue & screw them & paint them bright colours. The many skills they learn include structure, discipline, how to use woodwork tools and equipment.

4. What advice would you have for someone wanting to start their own business?

Start small and slowly build it up. Join a social network group similar to BNI and get your business name out there. Keep your passion up and your enthusiasm.


Well done Callan, long project but worth it in the end. You created your own toolbox.

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Max used to be the carpentry teacher at Wendon academy. I personally met one of his amazing students who went on to make a career out of making furniture fulltime and he loves it. How great to bring out passion and creativity in kids!


My son has been for 2 lessons now and loves it. It even encourages him to do other creative projects at home instead of just playing xbox games. My son loves to build and fix things, He is now currently working on making his own school desk at home with his Dad. So much can come from such small beginnings.