Influencer anxiety awareness alert!!! -Sometimes the exhaustion just hits you but your mind is so busy you can’t sleep. But I have to say it’s been a good week overall! I wrote this late one night when I couldn’t sleep.

So Why am I a terrible influencer?

1.Firstly, I make a terrible influencer because  I don’t put myself in that category. I see myself as a writer. A content creator A blogger. I accidentally fell into the influencer space…..let me add, I’m awful at videos, lives and the such but I try. I’m stronger in the writing space and that’s where I feel comfortable so stick with what you now hey?

2.I’m not thrilled about the lack of diversity I’ve seen regarding influencers. I’ve also seen unkindness. I’m not up for that. We should be supporting one another. There is enough room for everyone. You do you. It’s not everywhere but it’s a thing! I would like to see different faces, new faces.

3.I’m not a ‘stuff’ person. I never say yes to product drops….wait! unless you want to send me food. Always up for that… And Wine! If I do promote products, it has to stuff I really believe in! 



4.My followers /follow ratio apparently isn’t correct.???…look I do audit my account every now and then but it’s not a priority in my life, seriously!

 5.I take too many selfies! One PR guy actually told me it’s weird, then in the same breath says, you must be you and be authentic!? Um… Ok


Don’t you like my 80’s hair selfie PR guy???

6.I do say yes to events because I love them but then anxiety presents itself. I over-compensate, talk too much then the peeps think I’m a crazy stalker chick, haha… Or they love me, we find out later.

7.I’ve yet to figure out the travel blogging space! Gosh, some people just get that so right! Like my friend Taryn from African Travel Bird!!!(Go follow her, her blog is amazing) I have a bit of that on my blog but,? Needs work.

8.Instagram is where it’s at, and I’m still into my actual blog writing about real people and real stories. Just when I’ve mastered Instagram, now I learn that Tik Tok is the ‘fire'(new Gen z slang word for cool)… GUYS! Tik Tok is tough. So much stuff to create, too little time! I may be addicted but so bad at it! Haha

9.Lastly, I may swear too much for people’s liking. But I’m more Gangster than Stepford wife so I’ll just keep being me thanks.


Love and light.