10 Truths to surviving life right now


This year has not been kind to many of us. We would love to be those people who talk about resilience and overcoming but it’s just been survival mode!

10 Truths to surviving life that I’ve recently learned

1.It’s OK to not know the WHY? and not have all the answers.
2.Just because you struggle doesn’t mean you are a failure.
3.It’s not about looking for the good in people. Because no one is good but God. There are only those who pretend and those who are real. It’s more about looking for the Real.
4.Life can be tough but so am I. I’m more powerful and resilient than I know.
5. Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is tell someone to F*&@ Off.
6. It’s ok to not be liked by everyone. Their opinions don’t matter, nor are they required
7.Sometimes madness is genius…
8.Adulting is overrated!
9. You may feel alone, it doesn’t mean that you are. If you speak up, those who truly care will reveal themselves and you will be surprised at who that is.
10.The world has gone to shit and people are cruel but there is still LOVE to be found in this harsh world
The key to surviving through hardship is to endure it with love and loved ones. Anger, bitterness, rage, guilt, etc. are all just wasted emotions. Do not let them take up space where love should be.
“‘Cause we can’t fall any further if We can’t feel ordinary love And we can’t reach any higher, If we can’t deal with ordinary love Are we tough enough for ordinary love?”-U2

As we hit June, almost halfway through the year, how are you surviving 2021 so far? How is your business doing? How are you coping mentally? Please let me know in the comments below.

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