Snowflake Data Cloud – Impactful launch in SA

snowflake data cloud

Snowflake Data Cloud has launched in South Africa and already various companies are taking hold of what they have to offer! I attended a virtual launch of Snowflake recently and realised that we have great technology that can help us evolve as a country if only more South African businesses knew how it could benefit them.

Thirty-five years after Robert Waterman’s observation in In Search of Excellence that companies were “data-rich and information poor,” very little has changed.” John Ladley- Harvard Business Review March 2020

What is Snowflake Data Cloud?

Data is becoming the worlds most valuable resource. Whether you’re somehow involved in IT or a business,  systems like Snowflake open doors to new possibilities and innovations. They make it easy to integrate multiple platforms providing ultimate performance, flexibility and scalability while securely sharing your data.

Snowflake amalgamates data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development securely and is user friendly in that they provide education training, ultimately upskilling your workforce for the future consumer.

snowflake data cloud

Why Join Snowflake?

When you join Snowflake you immediately become a part of something much bigger. A global ecosystem of data! Proven 96% decrease of administration costs and 84% growth. They help you stay compliant and reduce risk with minimal maintenance required. They provide a hands-on Virtual Lab to test drive if you will.

Snowflake Partners – Tyme Bank

South Africa’s first digital bank and one of the fasted growing digital banks in the world, officially launched in February of 2019. They fully rely on their banking apps as they have no branches. They rely fully on Data to fully track and record business insights and product performance. Snowflake enabled them to focus on the actual results of the data instead of wasting time maintaining the data system.

“It’s because of the cloud-driven approach that we could set up a single data warehouse which all members of our team could access. “ Michele Redaelli -Tyme Bank Data Engineer

Snowflake provides an all in one, streamlined cloud data system for every type of industry. Their proven track record shows that they are 6 x more likely to retain customers as well as grow revenue. Now South African companies too can benefit from these incredible leaps in technology and secure their financial future!

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