3 tips to cope in quarantine


It’s level 4 quarantine lockdown all over again – and whether you’re staying home to play it safe or self-isolating after exposure to someone with COVID-19, you’re going to need some cool things to do to keep yourself occupied: over and above professional laptop work, of course. We look at three ways to do so, which you’ll wish you’d had up your sleeve all along. 


Travel Influencer – Eddie Vilakasi


Looking for some visual inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing during quarantine? If so, you’re advised to register (free and without delay!) to stream the latest content on travel, music, fashion, art and dance, as well collaborations between various of the artists, in what they refer to as “the cube of inspiration”. Once logged onto Vuse Inspired Live, I was taken in by the energy and passion of internationally recognised choreographer and DJ Courtnaé Paul, and how accessible travel influencer Eddie Vilakasi makes it to break away on a budget. There’s also a master class from model and producer Kim Jayde – one of Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 – who is on a mission to educate people about what she calls “the sneaker sub-culture”. Don’t miss this festival of inspiration on offer until the end of July – you will be completely blown away.


Needing some intellectual stimulation during quarantine and thinking it may be cool to upskill with something you love, or which may push you ahead in the workplace? How about checking out the short courses on offer at GetSmarter. Courses on offer range from the hugely necessary Public Management and Governance (which addresses the values, ethics, and competencies related to public administration in developing countries), through Teaching with Technology (which explores the practical applications of teaching with technology at every phase of the education process), all the way to the ultra-useful Change Management (during which you’ll learn to plan, implement and drive sustainable change within your organisation). The self-actualised person keeps evolving, and one way of doing so is to make sure those brain cells keep firing.


And then, for the fitness aficionados during quarantine! How about setting up a little Zen-type exercising space in your home or garden, with a mirror for alignment, dumbbells in different sizes, a yoga mat and a selection of resistance bands. Next, sign up for a package of daily, weekly or monthly exercise classes with a professional organisation such as The Storm Centre – think Barre, Hit Resistance and WT Fit.

It’s still risky to train in a group setting unless this is done outside (which this organisation also provides on their rooftop terrace). Some of us, though, prefer to keep safe at home right now – and being physically active will go a long way towards boosting your mood, as well as your fitness levels, so don’t skip a session. Instructors Storm, Gareth et al are highly qualified, meaning they’ll be correcting and streamlining postures and performance throughout their classes to help you avoid injury and, boy, will those muscles be popping after a couple of weeks of dedication.

Feeling a tad restless within your own four walls? Make a running list of go-to things from tiding a cupboard to weeding a flowerbed, de-tangling your jewellery box, washing the car or settling into a good book. Before long, the outside world will be available for you to explore once again.

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Vanessa Rogers is the owner of TextBOX Conceptual, a copywriting and PR agency based in Cape Town, South Africa; but with clients all over the world. Working alongside a select group of skilled associates, she has clocked up over two (and a 1/2) decades in the print and digital media industries and believes editorial providers should be adaptable, accurate and timeous about deadlines. Vanessa confesses to harbouring a particular interest and affection for the work of entrepreneurs – as well as a belief in their importance within the South African economy. Get in touch: textbox@rocketmail.com


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