5 steps to being happy in no time

being happy

Being happy, as a concept, can be a tricky thing to put your finger on – but we all know someone whom we would describe as “happy”. In a way, it often coincides with being sorted – you know, confident, organised and emotionally well balanced.

 So what things can you choose to incorporate into your life right now that will bring you more of that sorted, balanced feeling? We look at five possible things that you can start doing today.

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” —Mahatma Gandhi

Happy people take care of their health

And while you may already be jogging 5km per day, what about setting aside 10 minutes each evening for some mindfulness practice. Try Andy Puddicombe’s
 Headspace app as a starting point, and you’ll soon be enjoying the many benefits – including managing stress, reducing anxiety and cultivating peace of mind.


Choose your friends wisely

This is even more important than it ever was before, with the pandemic that has limited our social lives to a large degree. When you go out and about, you’ll want to be doing it with people who truly care about you and support you throughout whatever life throws your way. Research, such as that carried out by Fikret Gülaçti on “The effect of perceived social support on subjective well-being”, shows that happiness is contagious among friends and of significant benefit to our overall health. So, if you find yourself going through a hard time, having a friend to help you through can make the transition easier.


Find your life’s purpose

It can take a while to uncover the reason you are on the planet. You may start one course of study, not enjoy it, and then switch to another that is much more up your street. It is okay to make changes like this because, once you emerge from the academic world, you will be so much more of a goal-driven and fulfilled individual if the work you are doing has meaning for you. A couple of sessions with a life or empowerment coach can help you during a patch when you’re feeling a bit lost.


 Start a gratitude journal

Are you focused on the wrong types of things to make you happy? – money or possessions, for example? Buying a notebook to document what you are grateful for each day when you sit down with your morning coffee, will soon put you on the right track. While you may have hassles to deal with and see a range of challenges ahead, those few moments of reflection will soon have you seeing the positive – your health, talents, family, friends, being employed, having a roof over your head. This will help you to see the light at the end of any kind of tunnel.

Get your financial affairs in order


 It may sound complicated, but it can be as seamless as insuring your car via an app, such as the one offered by MiWay Blink. And, instead of splurging with the cashback reward you receive for driving under 2 500km per month, rather put it away into a savings account or unit trust investment for something you want – or may need – in the future. Knowing where you stand financially and having a plan to work towards your financial goals is sure to remove any niggling worries about money.

Being happy is not an endpoint, but rather a way of valuing and nurturing yourself by cultivating the sort of life – and relationships – that will bring you ultimate fulfilment and satisfaction.

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” —William James


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