Women of Durban -Women’s Day 2021

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We celebrate women in business today! To all the women of Durban in business who do not give up in the face of hardship, who support one another and inspire others! I would love to highlight some of my favourite women this week! Women who have partnered with Unfold Durban and with me.

Carmen Rodrigues

A talented musician who has built a music brand, big bear entertainment to help other musicians in Durban thrive! She is not only found at our local establishments but she also has a singing school with up and coming, brilliant students. Don’t miss out on these gigs this week!

Kim Livingston

Kim is a long-standing friend of mine of 15 years and a woman of many talents! She runs 2 businesses and has a busy family life with 4kids! She is the backbone of Zulumoon Gondolas and Pinkfrog webs. She actually designed my gorgeous website. In her spare time, when she can find any, she loves to play the guitar. Book your Gondola Ride Experience


Nola Honiball

A colour genius when it comes to hair! Nola runs Hello-Honi Hair Salon and is also a vibrant personality and motivational speaker! Nola has become a huge source of spiritual encouragement to me personally! She always has a wealth of wisdom to share with me. Nola just recently gave me a fun makeover look. Book your appointment today to get your own makeover!


Taryn Cross

Taryn has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to business and it is thanks to her that I got Unfold Durban off the ground. After asking me if writing was a hobby or a business one day, she set me on the path to starting my own company. She works for lawyers and also runs her own business TMC Virtual Assitant Management.

Kate Snell

Kate owns The Office 97. A co-working space in the heart of Durban. Kate and I have become good friends and kindred spirits. We ran a Pop-up Clothes Swap party together and our next venture is we are planning something very exciting, so watch this space!

There are many more women who have had a huge impact on my life and inspired me personally. Many women I look up to. My mom, my sisters and my aunts. Such incredible women who supported their families while working and taught me the meaning of being a woman! I am so blessed!

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