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Charissa Bloomberg

Celebrity psychologist and integrity specialist, Charissa Bloomberg, is thrilled to announce the launch of her 10-module online course together with iFacts. This partnership has focused on the importance of integrity. Organisations, leaders, employees, students and individuals can now go online and take part. After completing an assessment and signing an Integrity Pledge, a certificate of integrity will be issued to each candidate. The online modules can also be combined with virtual or face-to-face training sessions, talks, webinars and assessments.


Charissa Bloomberg has been working hard to implement Integrity training in the international arena, to make it globally accessible. Coming from the standpoint that integrity is essential in all aspects of life, she says that this development is groundbreaking and gives thanks to iFacts for their collaboration in the programme’s development.

 10 Module Programme

Recently, this 10-module programme has been rolled out at the University of Johannesburg (UJ’s) School of Tourism and Hospitality, through Work Integrated Learning coordinator, Tracy Daniels. Bloomberg salutes this development for two reasons – because she believes that these students are our future leaders and because of her staunch belief that integrity development should ideally be part of any tertiary education course, internationally. 


The Tourism and Hospitality students at UJ also completed an exciting assignment this past month, where they went into the community to explain the meaning of integrity. Charissa Bloomberg hopes other universities will soon follow UJ’s lead. Further to the above, Bloomberg has added a programme to the mix in which integrity ambassadors can be nominated as role models in their fields, and where additional training can be done to upskill them in their roles. Ambassadors will undertake a group project within their community to earn their certificates.

 Sponsorships and Partnerships welcome

As Charissa Bloomberg is on a mission to raise the integrity meter worldwide, she is currently launching a song she commissioned on the subject, to be performed by talented band duo Swan, with vocalists Janine Parker and Desley Meyer, that aims to inspire integrity internationally. The production of the song has required months of hard work and Charissa hopes its message will add meaning to her integrity brand and become a marketing tool for integrity. Information about the song’s launch will soon be released on all her social media platforms. Sponsorships and partnerships are highly welcome.

Charissa Bloomberg

Charissa Bloomberg doesn’t waste any time when it comes to promoting her subject of choice. She will be speaking to Heart Radio, US later on this month, thanks to the Alliance Career Training initiative; and she aims to take integrity internationally via the footprint she has already left outside South Africa – i.e. in Nigeria, Botswana, the UK and, most recently, in the US.


“We need to raise the integrity meter,” says Bloomberg. “Integrity costs nothing, but when you lose it, you lose everything.” For more info, go to www.integrityforum.co.za

 To book our online integrity courses please, go to https://www.ifacts.co.za/integrity-training/

 Charissa Bloomberg is a Celebrity Psychologist who regularly appears on South African radio and TV channels. She has 22 years of experience facilitating within organisations and is an integrity leadership specialist. For comments and queries regarding integrity in the workplace, email: cb@hiddendimensions.co.za website: https://integrityforum.co.za

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