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social scene

Hey Durban! A fun Social Scene!!!! So many exciting social events happening in and around Durban! Did you know it is International Champagne day today! Cheers!


I attended the Launch of The Social Gallery at the Pavillion. A wonderful initiative with the Department of Arts and Culture to bring the informal sector to life and showcase their beautiful items for retail. Shop a wide range of locally produced products and artwork from talented artists’  The Gallery is open 9 am to 6 pm, Thursday’s to Sundays in October on the rooftop. This is what Durban is about!


Join Serrotone at Stretta for an epic night of good music and good food!

October Events


Visit Fig Trees Farm and try some delicious ice cream from the Italian Corner! I tried a mixture of mango sorbet and dark choc icecream




I am not saying it is terrible just overrated. It’s really nothing special. In fact, I found the venue quite stuffy, claustrophobic and outdated. The waiting area furniture was faded, the staff were dressed in ridiculous colonial uniforms.

Everyone else manages to get great iconic photos next to the Umhlanga lighthouse. Me on the other hand. I’m a dark shadow in this picture. Like my soul at the moment. Haha If you want your iconic lighthouse picture just go down to Umhlanga beach! It’s free!

Hey, I get there are people around who have too much money than they know what to do with so they just find the most expensive place and book but I’m telling you there is so much else you could do and experience as a tourist in Durban. I don’t think the Oyster box represents us well as an ambassador for the city.

Honestly, I don’t get what the fuss is about? I much prefer The Beverley Hills right next door. Sorry to be so brutally honest but I was not impressed. Please let me know what you think? Maybe you have had a different experience than me?


The Rumbelow Theatre is underrated! They are putting on the most incredible performances. Since lockdown, we have all underappreciated theatre as it was not an essential service. Now that we can be social again, theatre is a wonderful way of bringing people and communities together. It is such a fun experience to be in the audience of a live, locally produced theatre production! Roland has single-handedly kept theatre in Durban Alive!

42 Cunningham Rd off Bartle Road, Durban

Next week….


Aaron Mcilroy and Lisa Bobbert

FRIDAY – 29 OCT 2021 Show starts at 18.30

SATURDAY – 30 OCT 2021 Show starts at 14.00

SATURDAY – 30 OCT 2021 Show starts at 18.30

SUNDAY – 31 OCT 2021 Show starts at 14.00

SUNDAY – 31 OCT 2021 Show starts at 18.30

(Venue opens 90 minutes before show for snacks/drinks

I’M GOING TO START ADDING ‘OVERRATED OR UNDERRATED’ TO MY CONTENT FOR YOU GUYS! Please send in your venues or products you want me to rate with my honest opinion

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