5am Adventure with Beeracuda Fishing Trips

Beeracuda Fishing Trips

Beeracuda Fishing Trips invited us to go out fishing with them and I jumped at the opportunity. I am not a fisherman at all so I took along a crew who love to fish. I was just excited at the prospect of a new experience and the chance to get some beautiful photos of Durban from the Harbour’s point of view.

Beeracuda fishing trips

Allan is very organised and prepared us for everything beforehand, sending us a detailed message of what we can expect and what we need to bring. It was an early 5:30 am start at the PYC slipway. The trip included a quick harbour tour and going offshore to drop fishing lines. Allan has everything you will need for fishing and will help beginners. He also adds a few interesting facts about the harbour he grew up in. He has some interesting stories to tell.

I knew I suffer from motion sickness on the best of days so I took my sturgeon tablets ahead of time but they didn’t actually help me. I was a little bit green on the boat. The conditions were a little bit rough for me but the fishermen among us loved every minute of the journey! Even though I was feeling seasick I still enjoyed the experience. Allan made me feel very comfortable and the trip an exciting one.

There is something magnificent about the ocean. This vast and powerful force can both can scare you and bring you peace. The sunrise and views from the boat were worth getting up at the insane hour of 4 am. I got some beautiful photos from the boat overlooking the harbour. It was quite magical!

“If fishing is interfering with your business, give up your business,” Sparse Grey Hackle

Some tips from a Diva

I did not realise how much of a Diva I can be, I almost wore a dress and a friend who knows better told me that wasn’t a great idea so I wore shorts and I am glad I did! You have to climb into the boat and out of the boat and that can be a very unladylike process. Shorts all the way girls!

I had images in my mind of sipping champagne and orange juice on the boat… there is no time for that and the boat was rocking almost the whole time so it wouldn’t have worked anyway. When going on Beeracuda fishing trips, that’s what it is about…the fishing. Catching live bait and trawling the ocean. No time for picnics.

That being said, If you want to have a picnic and just stay in the harbour and not go fishing, Allan can make that happen too. It might be a great idea for a birthday or bridal party. He only takes out 4 people, so whatever the event, it will be private and intimate.

Things to take on Beeracuda Fishing Trips

  • Sturgeron tablets if you prone to seasickness

  • Jacket, weather can turn very quickly

  • Some liquids to drink and a snack to nibble on

  • Wear shoes that can get wet, or a change of shoes

  • A sense of humour, be able to laugh at yourself if you are a beginner like me!

Thank you to Beeracuda Fishing Trips for a beautiful and memorable experience!

 “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after,” Henry David Thoreau.

Durban has so much to offer tourists and locals alike! Book your fishing trip for a birthday experience or just a relaxed Harbour tour. Beeracuda Fishing Trips operates 7 days a week. Ensure that your spot is booked by sending Allan a WhatsApp 060 795 7804
Beeracuda Fishing Trips

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