The Vegan Market in Durban

Vegan Market

The KZN Vegan Market is Situated at Golden Hours Durban North on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The Country Vegan Market is situated at the Waldorf School on the last Sunday of every month. Both are great markets, catering to the vegan community. Similarly, even those who are not vegan but looking to live healthier and more eco-friendly lives.

Both markets are very rustic, attracting those who are free-spirited journey takers rather than materialistic grabbing consumers. This market is essentially about a better way of living and eating consciously as a whole. Speaking to individual stall holders you will discover each has been on a path of discovery which led them to this point. As a non-vegan, I have certainly learned so much from their gentle and kind approach to educating their customers.

What stalls are at the Vegan Market?

You will find vegan food stalls of various kinds. Nuts, vegan cheese, sauces. Recycled craft tables, a few animal anti-cruelty tables raising funds for a good cause and a couple of eco-friendly thrift shops all add to the atmosphere. There is always a live band and a great vibe at the market. There is also a central eating area where you can sit with your families and enjoy your meal.

Market life is not easy and it is not for everyone! There is preparation, setting up, setting down and at times taking home stock that goes to waste if not sold. So there is a limit to what one can sell at a market. You will see less fresh food as those are the most perishable, however, each of the food stalls has done an amazing job in providing tasty, healthy vegan food.

Vegan Market

Catherine Phillips who runs the market is emphatically passionate about the vegan lifestyle. Her heart for these markets is to not only provide for the vegan demographic but also educate other visitors as to their lifestyle. She is looking for vegan food stall holders and eco-friendly stall holders, therefore if anyone is interested you can give her a call.

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