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My husband, Goonga, and I were invited by Jackie Cameron to attend the final dinner of one of her students, Jade Busse, at the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine. It was such an incredible evening and meal shared with Jackie, Jade’s parents, Nadia from Fudeart, and Steve from The Joburg Foodie.


5 Course Menu



Kob head, capers, radishes

Wine: Landskroon Chenin Blanc 



Beef Bourguignon

Slow-braised Brisket, Potato, roasted Carrots, Garlic Mushrooms, Pak Choi

Wine: Kleine Zalze Cabernet Sauvignon 



Avocado, Beetroot, Gin Sabayon, Sesame Tuille

Wine: Waterford Elgin Sauvignon Blanc 




Meringue, Cinnamon Crème diplomat, Orange bitter Chocolate Sorbet

Wine: De Kranz Cape Ruby 


Petit Fours

Rosemary Truffles, Pate de Fruit


Graduation Ceremony

We had the privilege of attending the Jackie Cameron School of Food and wine 2022 Graduation Ceremony. Well done to all the students on their achievement! In celebration, Steve demonstrated a champagne sabrage like a pro! Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without abundant and tasty food and wine! Homemade bread, lamb, Romesco pesto, olives, cold meats, Le Petite France cheese, and panna cotta puddings.

Students of 2022

Jackie Cameron
Saxon Tilling ,Aimee Hohls, Gian Jeffers , Kiara Lee Axelson, Jade Busse , Kirsten Bowes, Meg Odell ,Dylan Pretorious Spiers ,Joel VanRooyen, Keilan Chetty. Phiwokuhle Madlala

Students Gifted by 

@homewoodsa, @oryxdessertsalt, @wonderbagorg, @afrikoachocolate, @steelite_emea @weberbraaisa  @defysa

Jackie Cameron’s 16 points

During Jackie Cameron’s speech, she gave some advice to her students.I will share her 16 points here! They are powerful words, inspiring for anyone going into a new job or starting some new path in life.

  1. Respect is earned.
  2. Put your head down and work.
  3. Always be focused on your own personal growth. Know why you are going into work every day – what is your end plan.
  4. Never follow the money.
  5. Stay true to yourself.
  6. Always be learning – and if not move on.
  7. Take every opportunity with open arms – jump at opportunities.
  8. Say YES before NO every time doors will open.
  9. Be loyal, be respectful – say thank you and write thank you notes.
  10. Keep grounded.
  11. You can have it today but lose it tomorrow.
  12. Arrogance is the biggest form of weakness.
  13. Be humble. 
  14. Be kind.
  15. Never forget that you were once a student.
  16. You are not the restaurant, you are not the awards – YOU ARE YOU be someone to make me, your parents and family proud of – make a difference in other lives a positive difference.

I love the family Jackie Cameron has created with her school where each student is an individual.  Looking at the dinner we experienced, I could not believe it was from a student in her 18 month course. Absolutely incredible. Jackie had the ability to bring out skills and techniques that are very rare in the culinary community. Fine dining and equally fine wine.

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