Daughters of Africa

Daughters of Africa

Daughters of Africa and Sibaya Casino partnered up to bring cancer awareness to the community by providing Free Cancer Screenings at Sibaya. Vkatz Projectkay Media invited us to this event and I spoke to Jurie Thaver and Solosh Pillay to find out more.

Origins of Daughters of Africa

Daughters of Africa was created during Women’s month in 2019 and the aim was to restore dignity to women of South Africa. They started off wanting to give away 100 care bags for women in impoverished communities and ended up with 500-plus bags.

Covid hindered their plans a bit but they started putting together care parcels for families. They then started aiding with free Covid testing for those who could not afford it from the South Coast to the North Coast. They are both privately funded as well as rely on donations.

Since then they have continued their work into areas that need it most and expanded their projects to include medical and health care such as Free cancer screenings which is why they parterned up with Sibaya.

Why Cancer Screening?

There is a lack of education around cancer and for a majority of the population tests and doctor visits cost too much, especially for people in poorer areas. Early detection of cancer can save lives. It may be easier to treat or cure cancer when abnormal tissue is found early. It is possible for the cancer to have grown and spread by the time symptoms appear. As a result, treating or curing the cancer may be more difficult.

Thank you to Sibaya  and Vkatz Projectkay Media for supporting this good cause that can make a real impact in Durban communities.

Daughters of Africa


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