3 fascinating ancient Greek ruins to explore


If you’re in need of some travel inspiration, then look no further than Greece. In fact, for many people, Greece is the perfect holiday destination. It offers a huge selection of pristine beaches, the weather’s reliable, the Mediterranean diet is proven to be healthy, and the hospitality the Greeks offer is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Another appealing aspect of visiting Greece is due to the country’s rich history. All over the nation are a number of ancient ruins that provide a fascinating insight into Greece’s rich past. The incredible collection of ancient monuments offers holidaymakers an additional layer to a relaxing holiday, particularly if they want to break up the beach days with a deep dive into ancient Greece. After all, not many other beach-themed vacations can be supplemented with a visit to ancient Greek ruins, right?

Spanning more than 16,000 years from the 12th century BC to around 600 AD, it’s a period of history that certainly fascinates a large proportion of society. Even when assessing popular culture, it’s a genre that has been heavily featured in movies, such as Clash of the Titans, and in games, like the Epic Troy casino slot, a product made by Playtech Origins that features legendary figures like Helen of Troy, Achilles, and Paris. With the impact of ancient Greece being felt around the world and influencing many things we know today, let’s take a look at some impressive ancient Greek ruins that are well worth exploring.

Greek ruins Knossos (Crete)

A much-loved travel destination with tourists anyway, Crete also serves up a strong dose of ancient Greece. The most famous option of the lot is Knossos, a site that spreads over six square miles. Widely regarded as being the most expansive Bronze Age site in the European nation, the displays of wealth are still noticeable today, with the site being a spot where the empire showcased its power. Knossos is the site for one of the most alluring tales from ancient Greece, too, with the legend of the Minotaur being felt in this hugely interesting location.

Olympia Archaeological Site (Olympia)

The host of the original Olympic Games, the sporting feast that first occurred here is what brings many visitors to the Olympia Archaeological Site. With conflicts being put on hold in the name of competition, ancient cultures would come together to compete in an array of challenging events. While the Olympics back then can’t be compared to the modern-day version, it’s where it all started. The site is home to some breathtaking monuments. too, such as the Statue of Zeus. The Altis, which was a sanctuary to gods and a truly stunning temple in its own right, is worth checking out also.

Acropolis (Athens)

greek ruins
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One of the most popular destinations with tourists in Athens, Acropolis is famous for its dedication to the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. A stunningly beautiful temple that can be seen from far away, it dominates the Athens landscape while sitting on a hill in the centre of the city. Once you venture there for yourself, witnessing it up close is truly unforgettable. There are some other ruins to explore while you’re there, too. From the Temple of Athena Nike to the Propylaea, which is essentially the site’s monumental gateway, this picturesque spot that is synonymous with ancient Greece is well worth a visit. Make sure you save enough time for a tour of the museum, too.

Other fascinating ancient Greek ruins to explore include Temple of Poseidon (Sounio), Acropolis of Lindos (Rhodes), Archaeological Site of Delos (Delos), Ancient Corinth (Corinth), and Panathenaic Stadium (Athens).

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