UB40’s Double Concert Treat in Durban


Durban got 2 nights of the UB40 concert due to Durban’s overwhelming response! Therefore, double the excitement for Durban with 2 concert dates!!!! Go, Durban! Unleash Your Inner Groove

Who are UB40?

UB40 is a British reggae-pop band founded in Birmingham, England, in 1978. The band’s name, UB40, derives from the Unemployment Benefit Form 40. This form was used in the UK to claim unemployment benefits. Their distinctive sound and socially conscious lyrics earned them international recognition for combining reggae, pop, and ska.


Groovin with the Rivertones

A perfect choice for opening the event, Cape Town Band Rivertone’s reggae melodies and soulful vibes warmed up the audience and led the way to the iconic signature sounds of UB40. The beats from this unique and popular Cape Town band are a treat for Durban music lovers.

Falling in love with UB40

Throughout the evening masterful music and effortless instrument prowess of the band proved indeed that ‘everything is gonna be all right’ as a result of UB40 is on stage! What an unforgettable performance by the timeless voice of Ali Campbell! Still moving and grooving in his 60s. Dancing, applause, and tapping of feet filled the Durban ICC from beginning to end. The sounds got louder with cheers of excitement during Ali’s lyrical performance of ” I’ve got you babe” and “Red red wine”.

The good situation with the Parking

Thursday night we drove down to the ICC. Car guards running at us and telling us to park here, there and everywhere, is part of the uniquely South African experience. We parked in the underground parking of the ICC. Parking on the night cost R50 but it was worth it.

‘Come back darling’

Finally, with the fusion of timeless music and unforgettable memories, everyone in attendance felt the rhythm and power of the music. Music that reminds you that no matter what challenges lie ahead, there is indeed solace at the end. Despite the fading sounds of the concert, the memories remain etched in the heart of Durban where the heart and passion for music know no bounds.

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