Is your brand a lie?

Is your brand a lie? In marketing, I have worked with people who are trying to portray an image that doesn’t match up with their brand. The thing with marketing is that people are not stupid and see through this. This is the only time I walk away from working with someone. I’m about authenticity and being relevant. I can’t work with people who want to play pretend. Let’s have a look at Marketing strategies that fail.

Intelligent audiences

Consumers are intelligent, sceptical, and discerning so a marketing team must align with brands that reveal transparency and authenticity. We need to generate more ethical marketers and foster genuine relationships. We need this to establish a reliable ecosystem built on foundations of trust and values.

A personal experience

For example, I worked for a musician recently where I went above and beyond what was in my contract. I attended many events to get photos and video footage which weren’t included in the contract but I thought, hey this will be fun. Only to be told not to post this picture of that one with alcohol in her hand because she can’t be seen with alcohol for her business. So I am thinking, then why is she out in public drinking where anyone can take photos of her drinking?

drinking and dancing as one does at a pub

I then also got told I do not align with her fake brand because “everyone is asking for your number because they aligning my success with your marketing and not my talent” Doesn’t this mean I am doing my job? So she didn’t like that I was more popular than her and we parted ways. I may be naive about the way the world works but I cannot do gossip, lies, and hidden agendas. Let’s just all be real.

Brand Deception vs Brand Authenticity

I understand the premise of “fake it till you make it” But There is a difference between this and utter and complete deception. Sometimes we all need a self-audit to take a deep hard look at ourselves. I only align with the people and businesses that I believe in. I have turned away a lot of work because my values outweigh my need for money. (and my friends will tell you, I do need money😂 ) I won’t sell my soul.

We all have the Shadow self as Jung calls it we wish to hide from the world and that is acceptable to keep some, parts private of course! I am talking about the skulduggery that is rife in the marketing world and I do not approve! Is your brand a lie? You may just go a little further with some honesty and vulnerability people can relate to. But that’s just me?

Sending love and happiness to you.

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