The possibilities are infinite


By Gail Whitear

Many of us are taught to get an education, choose a career, get married, have kids and buy a house. This formula, apparently, is the path to happiness, contentment and fulfilment. It can also lead to more than a few problems. So? What happens when challenges arise for which this formula does not account? It is in this dilemma that we are forced to look out into the unknown.

Fear limits our thinking

As fear mounts our instincts kick in, screaming at us not to venture out into the world as it is a dangerous place. So we stay safe and stay small. We begin to find reasons not to go out. Surely staying safe in the known is better than the possibilities of the unknown?

“If the doors of perceptions were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite”

William Blake

If a herd of cattle stay in the paddock, however, they will eventually starve. The paddock only has a finite number of resources available within it with which to sustain the herd. The herd must, therefore, venture beyond the fence and move into greener pastures, for it is there that they will find more resources. Extending the analogy to our condition, we can understand that there is more safety in the unknown because it is in the unknown where the possibilities are infinite.

Paths waiting to be discovered

It is there that we discover that the universe is working for us and that there is more than enough to go around. If you are living a life where all you have and experience is known to you, be brave and step out of your comfortable paddock. Dare to believe that there is more to you than what you know. The treasures of the universe are vast and they are waiting to be discovered. If you feel that they have been hiding from you to this point, consider that you have, perhaps, been hiding from them.

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