Tranquil stay at the Magical Maidstone Mews

Maidstone Mews

Nestled in the backdrop of the valley of 1000 Hills in Assagay, is an Air Bnb called Maidstone Mews. The architecture of the property alone is something out of a fairy tale and exudes a timeless charm.

The mews’ Tudor-style units were converted from what were originally the stables. Ash, the owner of Maidstone Mews grew up on the property. Originally from Scotland, his family lived in Kloof but spent many weekends at Maidstone riding horses and taking part in equestrian competitions. His dad, Brian, built the property and Ash created many of the incredible interior designs on the ceilings and over the fireplace. He also built a magnificent pagoda in the garden.

Maidstone Mews

It is clear to see that much heart and soul went into the creation of Maidstone Mews. It is not uncommon to see a bit of birdlife and wildlife. As you will hear Ash telling you in the video at the end of the article. Be sure to watch the interview with Ash…

Self Catering

The Units on Air BnB are all self-catering with all the amenities you would need. Each has clean, crisp white sheets and very comfortable beds. Some of the four-poster beds were individually handcrafted by the owner. Staying here is a tranquil and peaceful experience and it is a place of healing and restoration.

‘Mad Stone Farm’

Ash and his family called the place Maidstone after their hometown in the UK..

There has been an interesting, eclectic mix of tenants as well as holidaymakers and business travellers seeking solace, that have resided here over the years. That, and the interesting crowd of people in and around the area, have resulted in Ash giving it its affectionate moniker “Mad Stone Farm”.

Our experience revealed no insanity, but rather more a spirit of acceptance. What you see is what you get and there is definitely a lot of love around.

Animal Life

The architectural and eclectic splendour aside, it is the majestic feline inhabitants who truly captivate the heart. With more than 15 beautifully regal cats wandering around the property, and 4 dogs, one cannot help but feel the healing energy from the animals. While I was staying there I even saw a pure white, baby bunny hopping about happily. The sounds of bird life in the trees and valley serve to add an additional touch of serenity.

The Heart of Maidstone Mews

Reinhard acknowledges the staff are the heart and soul of Maidstone. They maintain the property, the BnB and keep the place running. Thomas will always be found out and about curating the perfectly manicured maze garden with topiary trees and shaped hedges. You can sit under the gazebo while you work – there is even a plug point available there – to ensure you never run out of browsing power and your phone can stay fully charged.

Maidstone Mews is a harmonious marriage of detailed architecture and heartfelt hospitality. The experience of staying here is both otherworldly and yet totally grounding. Leave behind the cares of the world for a few days and find solace in this enchanting abode.

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