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Jameson Select Reserve does it again! What initially began as a means to provide support to local Jameson Irish Whiskey trade partners during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into a thriving movement known as #Asiye. Growing and widening the circle, this movement has brought together like-minded individuals to collectively rejoice in each other’s wins.


This movement, the Jameson whiskey brand has established the Jameson Select Reserve Supper Circle platform. It encourages individuals to celebrate their proudest achievements and prompts them to reflect on the hurdles they’ve overcome. It’s a tribute to those who have been part of their journey, acknowledging that success doesn’t follow a linear path. Now and then, throughout the event shouts of Asiye would be heard invoking a sense of greatness and achievement, however big or small.

Brown Sugar Durban

Recently, the JSR Supper Circle event took place in Durban. The event was a captivating assembly of beautiful and unique people, as well as, prominent DJs and media personalities, all converging at the vibrant setting of Brown Sugar, Oceans Mall Umhlanga. A glamorous venue to host such an important message of celebration and overcoming. There was a great vibe felt by all who attended the event.

Inspiring speeches

Thapelo Mokoena, an accomplished actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, graced the occasion as one of the JSR brand ambassadors. He shared his own inspiring #Asiye journey with attendees. His inspiring words encouraged us all to walk proudly into unknown places. Joining him was Nkululeko Dada Maseko, the enterprising co-owner of Brown Sugar. Together, they exemplified the spirit of collaboration and celebrated the movement’s ethos.

Spirit of togetherness

At its heart, the campaign goes beyond the relationship between the customer and the brand but beats to the sound of voices shouting their victories and telling their stories of how they overcame obstacles to achieve their goals. It centres on the celebration of the communities that propel individuals forward. The collective support one garners can be transformative, altering the course of one’s life.

Keep widening the circle…

This is a philosophy Jameson Select Reserve seeks to amplify—that no individual thrives in isolation. This holds, not only for individuals but also for the brand itself. The brand’s enduring relationships with trade partners and consumers underpin its ability to propagate the #Asiye spirit, advocating collaboration over competition, and boldly stepping into the unknown together.

Photos by Lauren Oliver Photography

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