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When we hear the term “Financial Advisor,” what comes to mind? Many are concerned about high fees, conflicts of interest, and a lack of transparency. We want someone genuine, relatable, and open to discussing any financial questions or concerns. The truth is, we may fear facing the harsh realities of our spending habits, which is why we seek wisdom and guidance to better understand our money. However, the question remains: Who can we truly trust?

We interviewed Wayne Scrooby from Preferred Risk. We explored his long-standing success of 25 years in the industry, what sets him apart and how he approaches working with clients.

What sets you Apart from other Financial Advisers?

We asked him this question and his answer was impactful. He believes in staying grounded to develop his client’s emotional needs regarding financial fitness and money.

How do you develop a holistic approach concerning financial fitness with your clients?

Wayne believes that building relationships is at the centre of a good partnership between financial advisers and their clients. Having empathy and compassion in understanding their struggles helps them to achieve and good work-life balance. Hearing their needs and helping them to achieve their goals is as important as the rands and cents.

How do you help your clients ‘nail’ their goals?

He encourages his clients to understand what is happening in their lives when it comes to money. He will tell you to hammer a nail into a piece of wood and keep all your monthly slips. Then after 3 months assess where your money is going and make the right adjustments.

Despite the lack of trust in financial advisors, Wayne Scrooby stands out as a beacon of transparency, empathy, and dedication to his clients’ financial well-being. The way he approaches financial decision-making holistically, rooted in genuine relationships and understanding the emotional aspects, sets him apart from other advisors. Wayne empowers his clients by encouraging them to take an active role in their financial lives. A refreshing and trustworthy path to financial fitness, Wayne Scrooby’s approach is a refreshing change in the complex world of finance.

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