Macnut Farm: Where Magic and Romance Collide

Macnut Farm

A wedding location unlike any other, Macnut Farm is tucked away in the tranquil Valley of 1000 Hills. This lovely location, managed by the mystical couple, Hannah and Paul Paine, provides a magical backdrop for weddings and other special occasions. The gorgeous setting, including the Umhlatuzana River and lush gardens, provides picture-perfect wedding portraits.

Macnut Farm is an ideal location for every couple’s big day since charm and beauty can be found in every nook and cranny. Hannah and Paul have planned many exquisite and unique events, including weddings. Macnut Farm is the ideal location for romantic and small-scale weddings, being conveniently situated in the Assagay Valley and only a short drive from Hillcrest.

Macnut Farm
Photo by Mark D Young

The Magic of Macnut

Macnut Farm is more than just a place for weddings; it’s an expression of art and love. The property features Hannah’s gallery, where she displays her brilliant and colourful creations, which reflect her energetic personality. A walk across the grounds reveals a variety of distinctive chapels. Built with artistic acuity and serves certain purposes. Hannah calls them Chapels but they are really sacred spaces that she connects with and wants to draw others in to experience.

Macnut Farm
Photo by Mark D Young

Chapel of Love:

Built, in 2017, it’s the smallest chapel in the Southern Hemisphere, nestled under a giant pink Cedar tree. With cherubs on the ceiling symbolizing love and stained glass windows adorned with flowers, it’s a place of undeniable charm.

Chapel of Life:

Crafted from natural elements, this chapel represents the elements of earth, wind, fire, water, and metal. A torii gate at the entrance symbolizes the transition from the ordinary to the sacred.

Chapel of Abundance:

A place where edible plants and flowers thrive, and a fairy garden is under construction, offering an enchanting escape.

Chapel of Light:

A work in progress, this project will be a towering lantern like no other in KZN, with a special focus on the visually impaired. It will be a masterpiece of light, texture, and sound, made entirely of coloured glass, reflecting the wonder that is Macnut Farm.

“I love lying on the lawn and watching the tiniest of tiny creatures going about their business… all the little ants, spiders, critters, plants, mushrooms, birds, fish, everything that we share this space with. I tread with respect and in adoration of this land. She’s beautiful in all her ways”

Hannah Paine
Macnut Farm

All are welcome

The public may visit Macnut Farm every Sunday. Visitors can tour the sacred grounds, take part in a small farmers market, and have a delicious lunch that Hannah creates. The experience enables a peaceful moment amid nature. Macnut Farm is a location where enchantment and romance collide. It is also a living artwork that has woven its way into the hearts of everyone who has had the opportunity to visit. Whether you’re organising your ideal wedding or looking for a peaceful retreat, Macnut Farm invites you to explore its world of beauty and magic.

60th Birthday celebrations

Hannah just had a celebration at Macnut Farm for her 60th birthday. The event was a small, exclusive gathering. Invited guests embraced the “Creatures and Critters” theme. This just shows the creativity of Hannah. Macnut Farm was the perfect place for such a magical celebration.

Anyone who has the opportunity to meet Hannah is incredibly fortunate. She is an inspiration due to the wealth of life lessons she has learned and the wisdom she has to share.

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  1. Thank you, Bronwyn, for this beautiful article. Macnut is indeed a magical piece of paradise and we are so happy to share it with others. Your generosity of exposing our piece of heaven is truly appreciated and you will always be warmly welcomed here. Thank you ✨️

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