The power of thought


By Gail Whitear

What is the difference between having a good day or, having a bad day? For the most part, it will be your thought life. There is a great saying “Where your focus goes, your energy flows”. The redirection of thought can be the difference between a moment of hope or complete despair. Become conscious of what you think and ask yourself if it is serving you.

The power of your thoughts

On my darkest days, when there is no evidence of any significant external influences, I look to the quality of my thought life( the story I tell myself). My emotions and my body will respond to whatever I think. If I tell myself I am failing and I amount to nothing – I will feel and behave accordingly. If this is true for the worst, it is also true for the best.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

Henry Ford

If I focus on the good and the positive, then my feelings and behaviour will respond accordingly. It can be difficult to get ourselves out of a dark hole, we must commit to the small practice of redirection. Look at the things that we are doing right, however small.

Be kind to yourself

We are still alive, waking up, raising a family, going to work, paying our bills, and keeping our house clean. Whatever it may be, you ARE doing a lot right. Celebrate those things, and remember that we are all a work in progress. Progress is a journey, not a destination.

Challenge your thoughts – decide on their quality – and level them up – so they serve you in ways that improve your life. It starts with a single thought.

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