Best Durban Musicians 2024

I love to support the Durban arts and music scene! I have interviewed some of the best Durban Bands and Musicians and look forward to the weekends as there is always such a selection of venues and incredibly talented musicians. Add your favourites in the comments.

We are so privileged to have so many amazing bands and artists in Durban! I think we take it for granted, it is like much-needed therapy. I am just sharing my favourites. Feel free to add your favourites in the comments section as I am aware we all have different music preferences. Here are my guidelines as an avid music lover;

Criteria I look for in a band or artist

  • Vocal Technique – Do you love the sound or do they sound like they are trying too hard? Is it pleasing to the ear? Or are you wishing their set would end so you can enjoy your evening?
  • How it Makes You Feel – Does it spark some positive emotion? Does it make you feel something? How well the artist connects with the song and conveys the meaning of the song to the audience
  • Stage Presence – Do they look fake or uncomfortable? Do they look confident and have a magnetic appeal that pulls you in? Do they engage with the audience and vice versa? Do they have magnetic charisma?
  • Song Choice – Do the cover songs fit the performer? Do they have original songs in their set?
  • Overall Look – Attire and grooming are important. If the artist takes pride in their appearance it shows their level of professionalism. A crude, druggie drummer will ruin an entire band’s image.
  • Memorability– Will I remember the band or artist in a few weeks and the songs they chose or will they just blend in as background noise?
  • If they are acting like a DIVA or DOUCHE, they get immediately ticked off my list!

Broken Advocate

I have followed Broken Advocate for over 3 years now, I absolutely love these guys! I would love to see more original songs from them though. Each band member is exceptional on their own so together they are dynamite! I often catch them playing at Platzz which has been a great supporter of local music. Broken Advocate is a great Rock n’ Roll treat and source of old-school tunes!

Rob Warren & Rusty Red

I attended an event in Kloof to see a trio of Legends in the Durban Music scene!
Andy Makins on drums, Rob Warren on bass, and Rusty Red on guitar! So much ginger fun!  A collection of blues, original music, and more! Rob Warren is also part of a band with his equally gorgeous brother called the Black Lapels! If they are playing at a venue near you, do not miss this treat!

Shane Strachan

I first heard his music at Kloof Country Club, I heard this nostalgic gentle sound and soft, beautiful voice, and then I looked to find this gorgeous ginger performing. His song choice just resonates with my soul! His music is emotive and healing. I can’t wait to hear his originals, man! they will be powerful! You can catch Shane at the incredible new cocktail bar The Tipsy Flamingo in Kloof.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is an inspiration. As an autoimmune and chronic neuro pain sufferer, she still lets nothing stop her! She is a force to be reckoned with and her voice is magical. The events I have attended where she is singing always have a fun vibe and everyone is singing along, dancing or just enjoying the soothing melodies. She plays mostly at private functions, you can book her through her Facebook page.


I have already written an entire blog about these guys, I love them so much! The union of Peter’s voice and James’ voice is like a genius mashup of Sting and Pearl Jam. I am a groupie for sure!

Rockets Beach Club

I attended the Rockets Beach Club launch in Umhlanga with Sean and Silvia Barber! What a beautiful couple inside and out. Rockets is already in Joburg and they saved the best for last now launching in Durban. It is a Colossal 3 story Restaurant, a penthouse bar with a magnificent view overlooking the ocean, and a weekend nightclub! They feature DJs and artists like Black Coffee, DJ Bnngz and Drega.

Sunday Soul Sessions

Sunday Soul Sessions is a Popular Music event run by DJ Pedro who has been the Godfather of the music scene in Durban for many years. He collaborates with Durban’s finest such as newbies on the Durban Music Scene like Tiaan, the acoustic duo, The Kickstands, Black Whisky and more. They are currently looking for a new venue so I will keep you updated on where to find them!

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to the music scene where some other music agencies do not have the musician’s best interests at heart. They attempt to book all the great venues, exploit the musicians and do not leave room for other musicians to forge a path. I implore venues to be open to booking artists outside of these arrangements so that they don’t get screwed over. Let’s see newer bands, legendary bands and culturally diverse music.

Other bands on my watch list are Calamity Jam, Wah Wah Baby, Poster Boy, Hale Mary, Tanner Wareham, Angel, and Dave Starke and although not currently in Durban, they are Durban Bred, John Ellis in Cape Town and Nic Billington in the UK. Look out for Nic’s interview coming soon!

Feel free to add your favourites in the comments section or here

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  1. I would like to nominate Jane and Paul Candow from Inter Alia. They perform every second Sunday at The Pot and Kettle.
    You can contact them for info on what they have to offer

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