Social Media Trends 2024

Social Media Trends 2024

In this ever-changing landscape of social media, it is increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the curve. In 2024, there are key elements that will shape the way brands engage with their audiences. Brands that are strong in authenticity, entertainment, engagement and customer service will outperform their competitors.


Gone are the days of curating perfectly polished social media pages. Social Media Trends in 2024 are more about authenticity which transcends surface-level aesthetics. Audiences crave genuine connections, which are found through interesting, compelling storytelling. Brands achieve successful communication by being relatable. Vulnerability is more appealing than perfection. A behind-the-scenes or blooper reel can go a long way to humanise a brand.


Brands that do not jump on board Instagram reels, TIK TOK, and other trends will fall behind brands that do. Audiences are looking for entertainment to engage with. It doesn’t mean you have to hop and dance your way through but find your unique way of communicating your vision. If your strength is writing, stick to that and turn your writing into videos. The ideas and possibilities are endless. Boost engagement by using humour, memes, or polls to grab your audience’s attention.


Those who embrace collaboration over competition will perform better than those who don’t. Partner with like-minded businesses, brands and influencers to amplify your reach potential. Collaborating with others builds relationships and fosters a community spirit where everyone wins. Tag brands you like in your posts, engage with them and reach out to them to partner with you on projects. Run competitions or organise events together. Leverage the voices of similar brands and maximise the use of collective audiences. 

Customer Service 

Answer your emails and enquiries timeously and provide excellent customer service. Actions speak louder than words; don’t just talk about it, do it. Leverage AI for automated response in a way that benefits you and makes it personal. Streamline your customer service while still giving it a human touch. Get the chatbot to reply in real-time with when you will get back to them—request reviews and feedback that offer valuable insights for improvement. Engagement is the life source of social media.‘Many brands have started recognising social media networks as platforms for delivering customer service.’

We will see many more trends in 2024, such as long-form content and an increase in paid ads. Ironically, in an age of AI, the trends in 2024 that will see the most growth are the ones that humanise your brand. Continue to be authentic and engage with other businesses and customers.

Are you incorporating these trends into your social media in 2024? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.

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