The Healing Journey no one talks about.


Nobody talks about how sometimes the healing journey hurts deeper than the trauma itself. Why? Because when you are in the trauma, you do not always recognise it. You just carry on with your day-to-day. Survival mode sets in and you become numb to the things around you.

Turn off the noise

You often also have to cut off the toxic voices and people in your life who will be hard set on making you the villain in their narrative, They may even turn people against you. You have to accept that those who know you will have your back and don’t worry about the rest.


Sit with your emotions

When you begin to deconstruct and heal, you are forced to sit with your emotions and feel the feelings that you have suppressed for a long time. Little things trigger you and you find yourself crying in a shopping aisle looking at the spices. Your body allows you to feel everything again because now you are in a safe zone. The best you can do is embrace it, be gentle with yourself and know that some days are going to be better than others.

Let it out for the healing journey to begin.

Have your cry and allow yourself those moments, don’t suppress it. Don’t hold in your emotions. It is good to develop healthy coping mechanisms of getting your feelings out, journalling, talking to a friend or seeing a therapist. Whatever you do, just get it out, and get up again with the rising of the sun as each day brings new hope and opportunities. ❤️


Be kind to yourself on your healing journey and accept you are human. You are on no one else’s timeline but your own to heal and move on. Allow yourself that space, and be prepared for relationships to be altered as you change because those around you now feel threatened. After all, you are no longer fitting their narrative of the story they have created about you.

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