Sibaya Lodge Luxury Accommodation


Unfold Durban was hosted in the beautifully renovated King Rooms at the Sibaya Lodge, completed at the end of 2023. Luxury Accommodation with a vast ocean view. There were many highlights of our stay but the one I enjoyed the most was sipping cocktails in the sun! Thank you to Sibaya for the gifts and the incredible stay.

Pulling ourselves away from our very comfortable rooms with all the trimmings we decided to sit by the pool and find ourselves a refreshing drink! There we were sipping Pina Colada by the poolside, relaxing and rejuvenating!

Luxury King Rooms

The rooms boast a balcony which overlooks the pool area and a vast view of the Atlantic Ocean. At night, the moon reflecting off the serene blue pool and the view of the ships coming into port are breathtaking. You could sit on the balcony with a bottle of wine. Watching this view all night, it truly is maganificient.

The Sibaya Village

One unique element of Sibaya is the architecture. At Sibaya you will experience a modern interpretation of African traditional Zulu Kraals, which are dome huts with thatch roofing. The Word ‘Sibaya’ is derived from the word Kraal which was an enclosure where cattle and sheep were kept.

We went to the casino and walked around, discovering that the shops, including the sweet shop, are open 24 hours! Dinner at Beira Alta is an absolute treat for the taste buds. It’s a fabulous Portuguese restaurant where we ordered the classic fish and chips. The manager Neven Govender sent us some of the tastiest prawns I have ever eaten. Watch out they are spicy! But oh so delicious!

Local Attractions at Sibaya

Sibaya Casino is located 8km from the airport. It is 8km from Gateway Shopping Centre and 24 km from UShaka Marine World. Although there is so much to do within Sibaya itself that you may not want to leave. It has a theatre that seats over 500 people and the Mangwanani Spa is on site too!

If you are coming to Durban for the School Holidays or work, Sibaya has everything you will need and is a must-see for tourists local and international. Experience luxury accommodation and the essence of Durban and book your stay!

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