Powerful Reawaken you workshop! 2019

reawaken you
Last week I attended a workshop. Reawakening is really the right word to describe the  Reawaken You Workshop with Alison Coates. What an insightful time. Learning so much in such a short time! I feel I really had some breakthroughs in areas I had blockages before! I knew I had to write a blog about the Reawaken you workshop on my website but part of my experience was learning to live in the moment and be intentional and I enjoyed my weekend and took in everything, relaxed, learnt and grew! Alison is so wise and inspiring.

How Reawken You helped me personally

Without giving too much away as I would love for you to experience the Reawaken You workshop for yourself. I just knew I had to be there and It helped me in areas I did not even realise I had issues with which has been hindering me from achieving my goals! One of the exercises was recording all the emotions we felt in the last 24 hours. I am usually a positive person and I couldn’t believe how many negative emotions I experienced. It was quite a revelation
It is a bit vulnerable to share but one breakthrough I had was in the area of money! I hate to admit I have always had a dislike for wealthy people. Considering myself a hippie and a dreamer, I have often in the past done work for others for free as money and status was just not on my value system!  I was able to pinpoint where my issue came from.
I had a dad who was the CEO of a huge company and had wealth but had no time for me so I associated money with abandonment. Generally am good at writing but not so good on the business side! It is incredible how this year I have been sent people to come alongside me and help me grow in this area!
“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”
― Cynthia Occelli

My word for 2020

My word I got from the Reawaken You workshop was CALM! I have been battling anxiety and lately anger so that word helped me to deal with those emotions.
Recently I was diagnosed with stress and anxiety.  Then this week some anger issues towards a particular person who has wronged me came to the surface! Yes, I had about 5 days of clinging to that anger. With Gods help and Alison’s workshop, I was able to work through it and let go of those negative emotions that were only hurting me

About Alison

The beautiful Alison exudes strength, dignity and confidence! Her experience in the corporate world and background in psychology makes her such a source of wisdom and inspiration. She is professional and yet personal and spiritual at the same time. She is the kindest, most encouraging person I have ever met and yet also strong! I really admire her! I have learnt so much from her in a short time. Learning that intentionality and living in the moment is important has been a huge help in my growth. I am still learning!

Reawaken you

Every email and message is personal

“Thank you, 🙏 Bron, for this wonderful compliment 💞 It was an absolute pleasure to facilitate the session yesterday. I feel very privileged – – and super proud of YOU for your courage & sharing in the workshop.
Here’s to your weekend 🤩🤩 and 2020 💃🏼💃🏼 Remember. Just think ‘marinate’ 💋❤️”

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Reawaken you

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  1. Thank you Brony for your courage to share your insights and lessons on the day. I am honoured that you did and so very grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with you all – cannot wait for the January workshop now.

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