7 tips from a psych ward patient

psych ward

Before being admitted to the psych ward be prepared. Look you don’t always know ahead of time you going to have a breakdown but here are some tips nonetheless.

Tips from a psych ward patient. 

Don’t watch Ratched or any other horror movies about mental institutions. I can tell you from first hand experience that is not helpful. Take some books to read or download some series from Netflix because the wifi is a bit slow. And know your own medications.

No Red Carpet

I thought they would be expecting me but the admission process is just as painful as any other during covid, except they dealing here with a person with high anxiety, which makes things interesting.

No sharp objects

I just realised they take away your razor…. Since patients stay here for 3 weeks. No wonder psych patients look scary. I would too after 3 weeks of hair growth and all drugged up! 

Pee in this cup

My aim is terrible, who thought of this idea, must have been a man with good aim. Most of it got on my hand (who needs sanitiser hey?!) but I think I got some in the cup for a viable sample for who knows what test.

Welcome bracelet

It is now official. If I get lost or can’t remember where I am. Bracelet If I forget my own name. Bracelet. If I die accidentally, they can easily ID the body. Bracelet.
psych ward
Doctor who?

If you are going to be a Doctor please make sure you have a name that we can pronounce. There was one Doctor that I knew I didn’t want to see but couldn’t remember how to say her long-winded complicated name. Sorry, that’s mean hey? Well so was she! Maybe it’s actually clever in that don’t call me I’ll call you, scenario. So patients don’t bother her cause they can’t remember her name.

Also, a note that not all mental health workers love their jobs. Some hate their lives and take it out on you, they can be rude and condescending because they have a God complex. Don’t allow yourself to intimidated by these types of bullies. 

20 Questions they ask you  in the psych ward

Be prepared for weird questions on intake in the psych ward such as what is my religion? and do I have any marks or piercings? I sat here today wondering why on earth they needed to know this? Is it for identifying marks, again for the dead body scenario! I’m now starting to think I watch too much crime. Then she explained something about certain religions that don’t allow blood transfusions etc. Then I was wondering why on earth would I need a blood transfusion if admitted for panic attacks and depression?…. Do they think I’m a vampire?


Hospital staff are all superheroes. Well maybe you did know this one but it’s worth mentioning They are on the Frontline in full Armour every day, fighting illness. Some have to be here at night…. When we are all fast asleep, well those of us without insomnia on schedule 7 sleeping pills… Then still go home to their families. Except they wake you at 5 am to take your blood pressure? I mean really 5 am?? But even superheroes aren’t perfect

People think that you going to come out of the psych ward all fixed and neatly put into their box they made for you. So you going to let down a lot of people. Because you came here for you not them. Just like everything in life, healing takes time and is different for everyone. You may even fail at times but the important thing is that you get back up and don’t give up. You got this! 

2 thoughts on “7 tips from a psych ward patient

  1. What about watching TV, which will relax your phycic mind. Are u allowed to?



    Interaction with othe gender?

    1. The men get 3tv lounges, the women get none. I have avoided the exercise classes so I’m not sure about those. Men are forbidden in our ward and vise versa

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