El Gibbor Kitchen | Feeding Pinetown’s Forgotten


Stephanie Amod and Hoosen Amod of El Gibbor 3610 are two ordinary individuals making a huge impact on the city of Pinetown. Monday and Thursday at 6 pm. Outside Tiger Wheel and Tyre. Overcoming daily struggles themselves has not stopped them from wanting to feed the homeless and the forgotten.

They faithfully serve them meals with or without donations, every Monday and Thursday. It is wonderful to see the community rally around them as the Pinetown Pineridge neighborhood watch even provides basic medical care to anyone who needs it. They feed 100-150 people each night.


A big shout out to these companies

BB Bakeries who supply the bread on Thursdays

Bargain basket sponsors cups.

Bevurn Marketing also sponsors needs.

Hattons Spar, Pinetown assists now and again

A special well done,  to Tiger Wheel and Tyre Pinetown for allowing them to use their place of business. Not many businesses would be willing to do this!


How you can make a difference.

The community of Pinetown need your help for our Monday night’s bread. We go through 40 loaves every Monday. Bread is of utmost importance as we serve Tea/Coffee and sandwiches on Mondays. We would really appreciate the assistance. You can book a Monday to sponsor bread and drop it off on that night, or do an eft and we will purchase. It costs R11.99 per loaf with a total of R479.60

You can also book a date to sponsor a meal. It can be any meal of your choice.

You can help by collecting basic food items or encourage others to support our organisation.

You could also become a financial partner, every bit helps. It’s not easy or cheap feeding 150 people twice a week. They are purely run on donations, we can use all the help we can get. Funds for fuel and vehicle maintenance are needed, As is we are in need of tyres and clutch and pressure plate, which costs a lot of money that we don’t have, we’ve just replaced our radiator in December which cost us R3000 which came out of pocket. We also need to get detergents, hand sanitizers, new tables, they are still needing a laptop so we can do marketing more effectively, also make out CV’s for the guys

You could also help out with clothing and blankets, we are getting closer to winter it would really be a blessing. They will be starting our beanie and sock drive soon

Thank you for being a blessing

Account name: El Gibbor Kitchen 3610
Bank: Capitec
Type: Savings Account
Acc no: 1609442782
Branch code: 470010

WhatsApp Steph 0840819130

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