Lockdown with 5 Amazing South African Bloggers

south african Bloggers

We have so many incredible South African bloggers, I just managed to chat with five of them to hear how they are surviving the lockdown. South African bloggers and influencers are some of the most creative, innovative, authentic, positive and resilient people I know! I am proud to be one of them! Featured on CTInsider

Let’s hear tips from our South African Bloggers

Mel Martin

South African Blogger


Wife and mom of 3 boys living on a farm in SA!
Passionate about her Family and Businesses.
Owner of Café Couch where I love to Blog, Write Reviews, throw and attend Events and List Businesses!
Owner of Les Belle Femmes Bridal – Wedding Gowns for the Curvy Brides
Love Life, Love People and therefore I love helping businesses advertise and grow without breaking the Bank!!
#KeepingItReal is my MOTTO!

Where can you be found online?




How are you rocking the lockdown?

Space !!! Being on our farm has made it so much easier 🌸to be confined small space must be so hard

Jared Ruttenberg


Jared is a top South African Blogger, and an independent travel journalist, regularly contributing to some of South Africa’s most respected publications. His social media engagement leads him to partner with various clients highlighting Cape Town, South Africa and abroad. As a qualified tour guide, he also offers bespoke private tours and experiences in and around the Mother City.

Where can you be found online?



How are you rocking the lockdown?

Ensuring I start the day in the right frame of mind has been a lifesaver. In my case, the Podcast ‘On Being’ has been instrumental. The host, Krista Tippet, interviews some of the most beautiful, intelligent and interesting people, but in a gentle and humbly inspiring way. An hour with one of these on my morning walk helps me focus my mind and start to spark positivity.

Kajal Maharaj


I’m a South African Blogger, a writer at heart, an Optometrist by profession, and now a stay-at-home mom to my son and daughter, aged 9 and 4 respectively. I have a keen sweet tooth and I keep busy by experimenting in the kitchen.

Where can you be found online?


www.instagram.com/@ka_jillofalltrades ,


How are you rocking the lockdown?

Social media. Ironically it’s the one thing that’s driving me mad too though 🤣

Lana Tilack


I am proudly a South African Christian, born and raised in Durban. Married to my amazing Nick Tillack. Mommy to Keston & Harper. HR Management Degree (Hons)

Lifestyle Blogger, Social Influencer
and Owner of Shop Lana T. I started blogging to share my experience as a working mom and wife. To inspire women through positive lifestyle imagery, social posts and authentic engagement. To make friends around South Africa and build a community encouraging women empowerment.

Where can you be found online?



How are you rocking the lockdown?

With the support of my husband, I haven’t been alone as he was off work for two months which helped as we welcomed our second baby, days before the lockdown commenced.

Bronwyn Anderson


“I’m Bronwyn, the voice behind Mama on the Run. I am a practising physiotherapist, wife and mom of two. My kids are two and four years old and while becoming a mom has been the most incredible blessing it has also made me aware of the silent struggles a lot of young moms face.

My blog is also two years old and is essentially just my documentation of the happy chaos that is my life. I explore my passion for self-care and self-improvement while navigating the turbulent waters of motherhood and trying not to lose the person I was before it all. I love running, reading, good food and wine.

My journey from couch potato to marathon runner saved me from a point of absolute burnout and is something I have also shared a lot about in the past. I love using my blog to support local small businesses and am passionate about all things #proudlysouthafrican.”

Where can you be found online?



How are you rocking the lockdown

A long bath and a good podcast is definitely my go-to treats for me to find a moment’s peace and manage the rollercoaster of emotions. Even if the gummy bears have to babysit my kids for me to get out this time, I feel like it’s an investment in our happiness!

Finally, If you are a South African Blogger please get in touch with me by emailing me your details. I would love to hear from you. Or you can subscribe to my email list to hear of any exciting events. Otherwise, find me on Instagram…https://www.instagram.com/unfolddurban/ 

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