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Visit a top Durban Hair Salon first time! Why do I never learn? Once before I decided to go blond, bought bleach and my hair turned orange. I had to put on a hat and got to my friend Nola at Hello Honi to fix it.!!! Just do yourself a favour and get it done right the first time and get that stepped out of the salon feeling! Nola lifted the heaviness I was feeling with a haircut! Honestly, I feel like a new person today! I love it!

Durban Hair Salon Makeover

I generally keep things simple by occasionally going to the hair salon for highlight or foils. Recently let’s just say I was trying to budget and bought box dye. Thinking I was clever I went for a darker shade. It came out fine but I just was not happy being brunette. It just didn’t suit me plus I needed a cut because I had terrible dead ends.

Anyway, long story short, I decided to go to Nola for a bit of a makeover! It’s been a rough year and a new hairstyle is as good as therapy! I Went running to Nola for help again and I got a complete makeover and new look. I’m rocking my new fringe and short, bob cut! I posted my picture on Facebook and I have never received so many compliments!

My 19-year-old son said I look like an 80’s popstar! That was my favourite! I was told I look like a blonde Cleopatra and a very flamboyant and honest friend of mine said this was my hairstyle and I should have done it long ago and that I look like a desperate housewife now!HAHA

About Nola

Nola from Hello Honi is the most incredible woman and mother to 2 gorgeous boys. Not only is she a hairdresser but she has a gift for motivational speaking and has empowered many people with her encouraging words of wisdom. Nola is a powerful warrior of strength! She is wildly creative, and fun and has an extremely big heart! What I love about Nola is her authenticity and genuine love for people that just shines through. 

What made you decide to be a hairstylist?

My parents were hairdressers and I was going to be anything but a hairdresser 💇🏼‍♀️
But alas – it is the best thing my dad ever taught me ….
He was a very well know hairdresser Curtis Honibal

What cut do you get asked to do the most?

It used to be the Jennifer Aniston haircut –
But as from this year, it is Billie Eilish

What is your favourite celebrity hairstyle?

Billie Eilish

Are you running any specials at the moment?

  • Micro keratin R800 for the month of July

  • If anyone from your blog comes to me they will get it at HALF PRICE!!!!!……

    quote the code Bronwyn Marcus

What tips do you give to care for your hair at home?

Home hair care is so important especially if wanting to maintain colour
Colour shampoo to keep vibrancy and blondes pastels, the new nanotechnology in chemicals has changed hair care completely!
Using salon based products can prolong the life and care of your hair for longer than supermarket products. One product that is awesome for winter is velvet oil – hydrolysed oil that penetrates and feeds skin and hair like no other

Us moms are always putting others first. I think it’s OK to treat yourself and do something special for yourself! I’m speaking to myself!!! If you are looking for a Durban Hair Salon, look no further. Nola is based in Westville, You can contact her at +27 83 789 4740 or  to book your appointment today!

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