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social media mangers

If you are a social media manager, you will be able to relate and if you hire a social media manager, this may help you to have a good working relationship. It is very simple, pay on time and be respectful. When you hire social media managers please don’t take advantage. If the agreement is 8 posts which include 2 photo/video shoots. It does not mean you own the social media manager. There are many hours that go into the work behind the scenes.

Set clear expectations and boundaries

Set clear expectations and boundaries with social media managers about their roles and responsibilities. In order for your business to run effectively it is important to have a good working relationship with all of your team. If you are outsourcing your social media it is vital to set clear boundaries and parameters of the role for both parties.

Pay social media managers fairly for their work and time.

Pay your freelancers fairly and on time. To pay us late just shows your lack of respect for our time and the work we do. We are skilled in what we do and while you often do not see what goes into producing the end result remember that if you pay them their wage they will work hard for you. If companies exploit workers, they become unmotivated and do not produce their best work.

Avoid micromanaging or overloading

Avoid micromanaging or overloading social media managers with unrealistic demands. This kind of management style leads to frustration, burnout, and a decrease in the quality of the work. Provide feedback and constructive criticism respectfully and professionally. Ensure your demands are reasonable.

Recognition goes a long way

Recognize and appreciate the value that social media managers bring to your business or organization. Understand their worth and treat them with respect. A strong social media presence will go a long way to promote a brand’s reputation and ultimately success.

This industry is hard enough, for writers, virtual assistants, and media managers without exploitation. I thought long and hard before writing this post but this kind of abuse needs to be addressed. Treat people with respect. By following these simple tips you can add value to your business.

Respect the person you hire

I had a client last year that underpaid and exploited me. She got upset I did not follow her around like her own personal paparazzi. She expected to get work worth way more than what I was paid. Stupid me, I gave her a discount thinking she valued me and the work I did but she completely disrespected me and got one of her minions to just use my camera equipment WITHOUT ASKING!

I previously had a client who always paid me late and didn’t answer messages, calls and emails. He would not provide the information I needed or the time to sit for videos and then expected me to produce content from thin air. He didn’t have time to answer me but he had time to check in with unqualified friends to ask them if I was doing my job right. Then when he did finally communicate he would tell me what he thought I was doing wrong based on the incorrect information of these friends.

He second-guessed me all the time and instead of trusting me to do the work and get the job done he consistently made it difficult for me to do my job. I ended up firing both of these clients. I refuse to work with people who take advantage or who are entitled and won’t communicate properly.

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