Why do you love music so much?

When people ask me… “Why do you love music so much?” how do you explain all this in a passing sentence?

  • It fills the empty spaces of your soul
  • It leaves an echo after everything is gone
  • It allows you to feel love, joy, and even anger and pain you have forgotten.
  • It does not discriminate itself from the hearer.
  • All are welcome to bath in its gifts of warmth, comfort, and familiarity
  • It triggers nostalgic memories that remind you of your existence
  • With music, you can make an imprint in a strange world.
  • By creating, just listening, or being a music bearer, passing its treasures on to others that will survive long after we are gone.


I have enjoyed collaborating with a few Durban Musicians including the band Serrotone and James Edward who is part of the band but also has a new single that has made it on the radio and gone his own way since the interview I did with them in 2020.

In the 90s, I followed a band called Candleman and the guys became my friends, so I also did an article on Dave Warby, although not currently living in South Africa the original Durban boy has made international music featured on the Netflix series Dark.

I worked alongside Martin Nel from Coastal Radio SA, who sometimes sent me some musicians he had interviewed to write a story on them. This is how I got to meet Clarissa Pienaar and I also met up with Dave Starke when he was performing at Kloof Country Club to interview him.

My Favourites

Everyone always asks me who are my favourites…….Here is a list of 20 of my favourite Durban/KZN bands in no particular order! I love each o them for different reasons. This doesn’t mean other bands are not great, this is a list of music I enjoy for various reasons. The bands are professional and talented and most have original songs that I love!

  • Broken Advocate
  • Serrotone
  • James Edward
  • Shane Strachan
  • No Fly zone
  • Rob Warren
  • Rusty Red
  • Poster Boy
  • Wah Wah Baby
  • Tiaan Rivers
  • Skew
  • Gavin Ferguson
  • Retro Stereo
  • Tanner Wareham
  • Dave Starke
  • John Ellis
  • The Zambucks
  • The kickstands
  • Veranda Panda
  • Phillip Taylor

If you are a musician or band in Durban or KZN and want to be featured invite me to your gigs and events! Email me at info@unfolddurban.co.za

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